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    10.22.16 @ 07:45 PM
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    Default Pretty pathetic huh?

    I have only been on the boards periodically since the fateful RNRHOF debacle, and what I have seen is pretty pathetic. Now that the tour hoopla has subsided, the hall of fame is over and the almost daily news clips have stopped. this board is like a ghost town again, with people writing about books, tablatures and listing eddie's public appearances since 2004. This truly should be a message to the 'band' (yes in quotes) that they are not really a band anymore and unless they get their asses in gear, people won't waste their time chatting about Eddie's newest guitar paintjob or where or why he's in rehab. Sorry, just had to vent, since my summer concert list, minus VH, is starting to take shape with Roger Waters, Rush, Asia (yes, they kick ass---see em if you can) Heaven and Hell, OZZFEST, and the Police....

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    07.15.18 @ 01:41 PM
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    I guess you didn't see the Wiggles / Women & Children First photo under the photoshop thread....

    Please see that, then make a decision on whether or not you should apologize for what you wrote.
    Right here I say....

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    07.15.18 @ 03:14 PM
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    Dude, Eddie's trying to better himself right now. Give it a rest.

    And for the record, this place isn't "dead." Go hang out in Non or the sports forum; plenty of action there.



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