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    Default Why did'nt Ed enter rehab in 94? Howd he quit drinking by himself but cant now?

    Why no rehab visit in 1994? Ed has stated he had been drinking since he was a teenager and has definately had a problem all his life. My question is this though, in 1994/19995 he apparently quit drinking, but seemed to do it very easy, then all of a sudden 2/3 years later hes back on it again.
    He was quoted in saying that he cut his hair out of frustration because of Sammys work with "Unboxed" etc. but nothing really adds up.
    It just seems that back then he quit drinking on his own accord without rehab, was it Valeries support or was it Ray Daneils, the manager?
    In 1996 his hair grew out again, and then the shit music started floating in and the silly ideas and bad decisions. I think Eddie needed Rehab sooner? Then we would'nt of gotten all the shit we've put up with in the last 10 years.
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    We already have several rehab threads.



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