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Thread: I hurt...

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    05.23.12 @ 10:03 AM
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    Default I hurt...

    We now know VR will never be in the RRHOF...

    Being in a Rock N Roll band is about having good nights and bad nights,
    Last night was bad.

    I blame the RRHOF for this fiasco, who would want to show up for this crap anyhow? I see all these people sitting out in the audience with suits on, this was not Rock n Roll.

    I'm fine with Ed and Al not going, that's the way it is, but they should have let Roth have whatever he wanted, Sure Roth sounded like he had an attitude about singing, but then so did the RRHOF. The "House Band Option" was not an option in my opinion, as we heard. I applaud all who didn't go.

    Mike and Sam,
    Class as always... I'm sorry you had to play with those fools...

    Scott Weiland,
    You can now go back to your scarecrow duties...
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    Plenty of open HOF threads, bro.



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