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    04.24.11 @ 05:35 PM
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    Default The Day the Music Died

    I suppose it happens every generation. Last night it happened again. Like James Brown, Rock and Roll had died a long time ago…it was buried last night. The music industry carried the coffin--Rap and Alternative shoveled the dirt.

    I remember my freshman year of college. I’d look to the left and see the pasty-white freaks with their painted fingernails emoting to REM. On the other side were the angry young blacks too pissed off to sing…they yelled and rhymed at me instead.

    But it was all good, man, I had Rock and Roll. Metallica had just driven a semi through my dreams, GnR had just handed us two brilliant discs, and most importantly, Van Halen was standing on Top of the World. I was confident that this day would last forever. The freaks would crawl back to their angst; Rap would never make it…Rock and Roll forever!

    What happened? When did I become my father, lovingly caring for my old records, hoping against hope that Brian Wilson and the boys would come together just one more time? Maybe Gilmour and Waters would bury the hatchet…maybe Page and Plant would reconcile? Just give me one more album of music I can understand.

    Let me let you in on a little secret…I’ve watched every Superbowl halftime over the past 15 years hoping against hope that Dave, Al, Mike, and Ed would parachute in and wipe the stage of whatever crap was performing. They would clear the way for a new age of Rock and Roll. The Billion-Or-So watching would be awakened by Ed’s roar and remember how much they loved…how much they loved…

    How much they loved the good old days. And there it is…the nail in the coffin. “The good old days” ain’t never coming back…they never do. They live for 3’34” at a time. They linger in dusty bins, waiting for our children to ask us about them.

    Last night Rock and Roll died for me. In “tribute” a couple members of GnR and some jackass in trucker shades butchered songs I used to love. Then the replacement singer and the ex-bassist jammed with Letterman’s sidekick. After they left, the music industry gave formal props to Rap. And then the baldheaded, whiny voiced freak closed the place down. They won. I can’t believe they won.

    I’m feeling old this morning. I’m going to drive to work listening to my classic rock station (ouch). Tonight I might dust off the records and remember the days when Rock and Roll was about beautiful girls with their toes in the sand, or hot rods, or flying with angels. Maybe this year I’ll just skip the halftime show.

    I like Van Halen.

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    01.05.12 @ 08:51 PM
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    07.19.18 @ 07:30 PM
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    Let's keep the HOF comments in one thread, fellas.



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