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    Default Floyd Bridge Radius vs Axis 10" Neck Radius

    The Axis neck is a 10" radius; The radius of the bridge of the Floyd is flatter (12"? 16"?). This means you have to sort of compromise on action as the strings are closer to the frets in the middle and higher on the E strings. With Strat bridges you can actually adjust the height of the individual saddles, but you can't with a Floyd. Are Floyds made in different radius'? I'm thinking of taking the actual Floyd bridge saddles off of the E strings and filing some of the bottom off of them, thus allowing the strings to be a little closer to the fretboard. Or maybe they make shims to raise the middle strings? Anyone deal with and have ideas/suggestions?


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    Chris, they make shims for the a/b and d/g saddles. This should help in creating the correct radius. Let me know if you have trouble finding them. I've got several here if needed.
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