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    Default VH Soap: Part 462 - The Snub - Dave does not want to duet with Sam at RRHOF

    [From Blabbermouth]
    World Entertainment News Network reports: David Lee Roth has snubbed fellow VAN HALEN frontman Sammy Hagar's suggestion the two singers should team up when the band is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.

    Hagar, who replaced Roth in the band, has suggested the collaboration would be a fitting way to honour the group's legacy, but the singer-turned-radio presenter insists it's a terrible idea.

    Roth tells Rolling Stone magazine, "I would not do that. That's a whole other kind of music, that's a whole other approach to songwriting... Let him go and do his own thing."

    Roth admits it's far from decided if the famously feuding group will perform at the induction ceremony in New York on March 12 March.

    He adds, "I don't know yet whether we're going to play at all, we're still going back and forth on that."
    Thanks for paying my rent. -- EVH

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