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    Default Eddie & Billy Joel's Storm Front

    this has probably be covered here before...I remember reading an interview w/ Billy Joel in the Boston Globe at the time of his "Storm Front" record being released. He said he wanted to have Eddie produce the album but they couldn't work out schedules...he said something about loving the sounds Eddie gets.

    I wonder how it would have turned out If this was true, would Eddie have really done it?

    Does anyone recall hearing about this?

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    02.21.18 @ 05:25 AM
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    I remember hearing about it. Don't know how serious B. Joel was.

    It was released '89 but I can't remember what month. You may have to Google it.

    The OU812 tour, I believe, ended 2/89 in Tokyo.

    Ed's schudule was probably filled with lots of beer drinking and 5150 studio tinkering.
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    Van Halen was on a tight schedule in late '87 and early '88 trying to get OU812 done before the Monsters Of Rock tour. Then they toured on their own until early '89 and Ed was doing stuff like co-producing the Private Life album. (He would have been better off working with Billy Joel.)



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