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Thread: sammy blows

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    whats up with this, sammy says all this about dave etc, he is tired of dave painting his hair on and his voice is shot. etc dave needs to bring his own crowd. shit how many fans does sammy have without daveon this tour not half as many. sammy hasnt sold this many tickets in ages since pre 1995
    well i guess sam will look good to some on this. but i think it stinks and shows.
    that dave isnt only one with ego.
    sammy you should tell the real reason.
    (( back up bitch! i missed the order box, move your ass back please , so i can order my food,((well if you would have pulled up to the right place in first place.,. look lady back the fuck up or im gonna cap your ass!! yeah uh ill take a#4 quarter pounder plain with cheese only.!!!! drive thru please !!

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    Good one for the Opinions forum, sending it there now.



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