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Thread: Wolf Talk

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    07.24.12 @ 06:03 PM
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    Default Wolf Talk

    SOMEONE needs to start talking in the VH camp. It's like waiting for a mircale with these bickering clowns... They're probably disagreeing on what eachothers verbal provaleges & limitations are as per usual, even though IT'S NOT F**KING 1984, the market is DEAD for old tracks, and ONLY 0.05% of us give a tuppeny stuff... I say let Wolfie speak. He's probably more excited than the rest of them, and can handle all the 'tough' yet comeplety irrelevant and dated questions that have been mothballed for 23 years, like "Dave, do you regret leaving?"... WHO GIVES A SHIT.

    It ain't 1984 guys. Say hello to your fans, the guys that have lined your pockets with $...

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    07.20.18 @ 03:51 PM
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    Use existing threads.



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