Please close all "Brad's cryptic message" threads
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    08.04.19 @ 07:31 PM
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    Please close these

    and everyone drop it.

    people will still be pissed in 2 days but the longer these things continue the worse it'll be (see "internet and beyond" fiasco for example)


    Discourage the conversation

    Move on!

    just wanted to post this in a new thread to get the message across! [img]smile.gif[/img]
    Eat Us and Smile!

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    07.27.07 @ 01:06 PM
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    You know what man, if this does turn out to be something to do with the D-Tuna, or some new Guitar color, it's going to be a bunch of crap! And Brad will officially be the biggest Piece Of Crap in the Van Halen universe! How could he be so stupid as to think people wouldnt read way to far into his retarded-ass riddle! And what the fuck does 12-12-12 have to do with the price of donuts?! If it's not something about a new VH album or some shit, then why bother. Like anyone is waiting around on new info about the D-Tuna when all of this business is going down!! Once again I wonder why the hell I even give a shit! I hope my theory in the other post is correct, but I really doubt it now! Brad is a complete jackass, and I am now measurably dumber because of all of this!

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    04.23.20 @ 11:37 PM
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    i agree hain, fuck this shit.

    if ain't nothin related to the band this weekend, the EUAS returning to the dump may double in size.


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