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    Default Shooting Down an American Chinook Helicopter in Al-Karma

    Video of Islamic State of Iraq Shooting Down an American Chinook Helicopter in Al-Karma.

    Media reports indicate that a Chinook helicopter was shot down on the 7th of February 2007 in al-Karma. This is the fourth claim by the Islamic State for such an attack in the span of six days.

    Seven people were killed Wednesday when a Marine transport helicopter crashed into an insurgent-heavy region northwest of Baghdad. It was the fifth American military helicopter to crash or be shot down since mid-January.

    Military offici al s are growing increasingly concerned that Iraqi insurgents are successfully adapting their tactics to be more effective against American aircraft.
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    How hard can it be to buy those russian-made anti-aircraft hand held missiles? Weapons grade uranium from guys on streetcorners with trenchcoats in plastic baggies - geez, this anti-aircraft shoulder missiles are probably a buck thirty nine a dozen on the black market.



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