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    Default Sammy Hagar 3/18/83

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    01.05.12 @ 08:51 PM
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    now you're going to make me go searching for old sammy video footage!

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    Thanks for that. And thanks for giving me the chance to share one of the reasons i will be RED for life. The next night after this show, on 3/19/83 sammy played in Davenport , Iowa( my hometown) . Still to this day one of the best concerts i have seen. NightRanger opened for Sammy and put on a outstanding show in their own right. But the 5000 to 6000 people PACKED into this venue (that probably was over capacity by several hundred) came unhinged during Sammy's set.

    As most of you know that have attended concerts over the years, people get into the concert in different ways. Some people are stand up and scream
    fist punchers. Some are slightly less enthusiastic, they may save that till after
    the song is over. It's all good Well at this particuler show, we were all on our feet for the whole show. And when i say all on our feet, i mean ALL on our feet. The people on the floor, the people in the stands. Even the people stage left and stage right. aka the worst seats in the house.

    The energy and vibe at this concert was incredible.Sammy must have felt it too because he did something that i have never heard another singer or group do. The next day after that show, when he already had our money, he called back to the local radio station( 97x wxlp)and thanked the fans of the Quad Cities. He said" if you 5000 fans had been 15,000 , you would have blown the roof off of the place" He was very impressed with the way we supported him and his band.

    Thanks voivod, seeing that clip has brought back great memories.

    btw, there is a 97x bumper sticker on the TA. It was on there at a previous tour also. The 2 dorks used to work at this station. The are know at the Classic Rock station in that city.
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    08.08.15 @ 08:37 PM
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    looks like the clips have been removed now



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