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    Default insight and commentary by Prof DooDoo

    <deep sigh>...

    like the old girlfriend you unexpectedly bump into 23 years after you broke up, you'll all soon realize that some things really ARE best left to memories.

    yes, kids, at long last, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. unfortunately, it's an oncoming train.

    for those of you who feel compelled to be an eye-witness to this train wreck, or lack the sense to avoid it, i tell you to buy your tickets to the early shows cause tigers do not change their stripes and we all know there isn't a snowball's chance in hell that dave and eddie will make it through an entire tour together. even money says they aren't on speaking terms by the mid-way point and DLR is already penning his exit speech:

    Why I Still Hate Eddie Van Heineken by David Lee Roth.

    wasn't the utterly forgettable re-hashing with sammy screeching his way through his songs and the Drunken Loon plucking his strings in some incoherent solo bad enough?

    and now they're dusting off and wheeling out Doddering David Lee Roth? a guy whose last stint with van halen ended about the same time Ronald FRIGGIN Reagan was just starting his second term, the Berlin Wall was still vertical and Chrysler introduced the world to the minivan.

    jeeeeezuss. i ask you. honestly. is it possible to find anyone, ANYONE, who is more completely irrelevant, more totally obsolete, to today's music world?

    that's a serious question.

    Meat Loaf, maybe?

    and let me assure you, kids, if you think the critics were harsh on Doddering Dave during the Dave & Sam fiasco. well, to quote the old Gipper, "you aint seen nothing, yet." dave, with his world infamous ego, shit in a lot of saunas over the years and the critics will gleefully and, quite literally, shrink his balding head when he falls pathetically short of the inevitable comparisons to the Meglomaniacal Dave of 1984.

    karma is a bitch, indeed.

    actually... when i think about it... i suppose it's a fitting end in a perverted sort of way. van halen, the soap opera, has always tended to overshadow Van Halen the band. even at the high point of their popularity they found some insanely stupid way to fuck things up.

    today, reduced to hairless, drunken, bitter (where's mike?) shadows of their former glorious selves, it's sad yet poetic justice that they gasp their last with Doddering Dave in his shiny pants mailing in the "hits" that lauched their daytime careers.


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    Look Mommy, there's an airplane up in the sky...

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    Whadup, DooDoo?

    Let's keep general comments in existing threads. We're getting slammed with unnecessary topics. Closing.



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