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    05.27.15 @ 07:46 PM
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    i just want to say this... RRHOF and Tour

    i dont know where this topic would belong but here goes...

    First off, ive been thinking about this alot, and it really bother's me that the state of Van Halen is how it is. Van Halen has inspired me to play music, and inspired me to be the way I am. I really hope that the rock n roll hall of fame goes well, and even leads to mikey and the brother's making up. Point blank... Van Halen, and this includes Sammy, Eddie, Alex, Mike, and Dave, are all missing something. I look at band's like Aerosmith, who have been together 30 years, and no matter what problems come about, they work through them and make good music, they forget the problems when the time comes. Van halen isn't able to do that. With that said this could be the last time we ever see them on the road. I think they are all great (sam, dave, ed, alex, and mike) and wouldve like to have seen all of them ALL tour together and do 1/2 a show with sam and half with dave, but sam doesn't like dave, and ed doesn't like sam, and ed doesn't like mike or sam... its just one giant mess. I wish they could all forgive a little bit and just bite the bullet and pull together. I think it wil lbe awesome seeing van halen tour with dave again, but i will be very dissapointed if the rock n roll hall of fame ceremony comes around, and sam, ed, al, and dave are there and there is no mike... its just wrong to me. he deserves to be there probably more than any of them.
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    Your topic is new and refreshing. Please share more of your ideas.

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    We have plenty of existing threads for these comments.



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