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    07.18.18 @ 05:56 AM
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    Why did you get into VH in the first place - a perspective on the MA arguments

    I love Mike. I even met the guy and thought he was the most normal down to Earth member of the band.

    But seriously, why did YOU get into VH in the first place? Was it because of Mike's great backing vocals, or his cool laid back attitude or was it because of his bass solo? Chances are probably none of these reasons.

    You probably got into VH because of eruption or Ed's repeated ability to amaze with the guitar and write great songs. Or you got into VH because of Dave's quirky lyrics, wild stage antics, flips, jumps, his mad persona and media presence, ruffled voice, ability to hold a crowd and the irreplacebale songs on the first six albums. Or you may have loved Sammy's soaring voice, melody and flair and great songs during that era.

    Either way you've got EVH and Dave - the core for most 35+ year old fans - back. I say enjoy it and remember why you truly became a fan in the first place.

    I just wish they would come to Australia.
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    07.19.18 @ 03:04 PM
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    So in other words, another let's slam Mike thread. No we won't be doing that.

    There are 100 threads you could have put this in BTW, so we're closing this one up.
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