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    Romeo Delight
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    08.18.07 @ 10:38 PM
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    The Angels celebrated the ending of a six game losing streak on Sunday with the mighty VH. The LA Times sporstpage reports that the music thumping through the clubhouse speakers after the victory was no other than VH. If I could make a suggestion to Angel management, it would be to play VH BEFORE the game. That would be a definate adrenaline rush!!

    Also, it's nice to hear that a bunch of 20yr olds can still have great musical taste. [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img]
    When you hear a song, it can make you remember what you felt, where you were and who you were with the first time you heard it. That's what music can do.<br /><br />When I get into you, get into me...

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    Atomic Punk FORD's Avatar
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    11.14.18 @ 11:14 PM
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    Edward Van Halen™ (Copyright 2002. All Rights Reserved. Name may not be reproduced without prior written consent of the copyright holder. Edward Van Halen is a registered trademark of E.L.V.H., Inc.) probably charges them more to use the songs before the game
    Eat Us And Smile

    Welcome back, Van HALEN!!!!

    ...It's the BAND and Dave is really the cat that can front VH. He sang his ASS off and was really cool. No cheese here guys, this is filet Mignon! - Steve Lukather's comment after witnessing a Van HALEN 2007 rehearsal

    "What then is this bleating of sheep in my ears?"- 1 Samuel 15:14

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    Jeeeez, FORD, maybe you should change your name to "Topic Killer" LOL



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