Well well well...wella wella wella...yes yes yes...yez yez yez...yas yas yas...this heeya's the blue note, y'all !!!! One time for the one time! Sittin' on the back an old rickety rocking chair...makin' this ol' fiddle talk nah nah yez yez !!!!...sippin' moonshine whusky...yonder comes them ol' natch'l blues-rock-thug-pop punk-rock crunchfunk one time !!!!....slide acoustical/supah-electrickery-ical guitar/diddley bow slide/footstompin'/howlin' by Jazzbo Jamerson III

highest ever
The Nu NU NEW Real Shake 'Em On Down Part 3
# 73 in Rock (highest position was 73). Total songs: 259,802
# 5 in Punk (highest position was 5). Total songs: 18,769

*Warning: Better to listen to this cut via headphones as reports are now confirming ladies are 149% more likely to get prego with twins or triplets when listening to the sweet sonical ditties of Jazzbo