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    Default The End Of Van Halen 100%

    I have said it before and I will say it again - Van Halen could have only survived as a creative and forward moving band IF Sammy and Ed could have worked things out. Dave is not an option at all, despite Dave fans sadly thinking that Van Halen with Roth could generate another 6 albums.

    This new tour is going to be about seperate hotels and seperate flights between the brothers and Dave with acting so good that the "band is back", it could be worthy of an Academy Award. Things can only end badly and there will be no tour is over and now we are going to go into the studio for a new album.

    So having said that, Van Halen will be officially over and considering that Mike isn't in the band anymore - this is probably a good thing. Besides, could the Dave fans really accept Van Halen dumping Dave again for Sammy if Eddie makes that phone call again.

    It's unfortunate that Dave and Eddie could not have worked on music first and then toured in 2008. Because a full new VH album will NOT be coming with Dave on vocals and that's what most people want over a tour that really isn't Van Halen. It's also unfortunate that Eddie wouldn't start a whole new band minus his brother or join an existing band that needs a new guitarist as the world doesn't care about his "sountrack" music. Stick a fork in it - Van Halen and Eddie Van Halen are done.

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    hey man, I know everyone has strong feelings on the topic. However, try to keep current threads going. All these extra threads lose their point and become slam-fests and we need to avoid that.

    Can't stop...addicted to the shindig...



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