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    01.17.19 @ 04:57 AM
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    I think anyone who feels that DLR is in Van Halen is fooling themselves. Not a word from DRL + WB kicking VH off the list (do you think they would let go of that cash cow if a reunion was happening)?

    So - with an opening like that - what is the positive side?

    Well - from the sounds of Ray's email - there will be a new DLR Album out soon; that my friends is positive.

    Sammy is probably due for a new CD within 12 months; another positive.

    Tribe of Judah will hopefully sign up with a label and release some stuff - LFD sounded great. So that is positive.

    This puts me about three years from today - an incarnation of Van Halen will release something. By that time we will be so desperate to hear Ed playing a guitar versus watching him play golf - this will be positive.

    Am I being sarcastic with three years?? Maybe a bit - but when did Gary leave the band??? How many times have we heard soon? Three years is about right.

    So with VH going through this many singers - at least we have them releasing stuff in the mean time to tide us over for the "once every 6 years Van Halen CD."
    Winners come and go; legends are forever.

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    01.17.19 @ 05:27 AM
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    Let's just hope they do not call the album "V HIV"
    (Van Halen 4) Oops..that would be the worst album name in history. VHIV would be bad!!!
    Just go for it!

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    i dont think dlr is back, but then and again who the hell knows when it comes to van halen. all i know is i would like to hear some news from them no matter what it might be.
    van halen shall return. what you think is nothing might be something after all.



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