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    Default Guitar World Top 20 Guitar Solos- Videos

    I thought there was a thread on this already, but I couldn't find it. Sorry if I missed it...

    20 Greatest Guitar Solos Ever, With Videos
    Guitar World has complied a list of the "100 Greatest Guitar Solos". Over the last few days the Howard Stern Show has been playing clips from the list. We've found listening to these great classics a very moving experience, so we took it a step further and dug up a video link for each of the top 20! Listen and watch the musical genius and mastery that made these classics famous!
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    man how he gets that thing to make that sound at 2:14
    I used to wonder why he was grinning all the time(Michael Ian Black talkin about EVH on VH1 I love the 80's) but then i realized the reason he's grinning is because he's Eddie F*#king Van Halen



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