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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Boy, this kinda makes me wonder about some of the 'inside' info that comes through here. Anyway, I work with a guy who was in a very popular Canadaian band in the 80's and he was asking what info I had seen on the net regarding Van Halen, or what the latest and greatest is. So I mentioned the chapters that popped up from Sammy's book and Ray Daniels came up as Sammy wasn't all that fond of him. Anyway my friend said that he had met Ray Daniels, said he was very 'shrewd' 'backstabbing', gennerally not to be trusted. Something to that he was a little blonde headed dweeb or something to that extent. However, what he said sounded rather consistant with some of Sammy's comments. But he did also say that manager's often ruin bands just out of there own greed.

    Just thought I'd share what I had 'heard' since in some ways there is a mystery surrounding Mr. Daniels.

    From those chapters though my thoughts from reading them are that Alex is one of the problems with Van Halen, add Ray Daniels and you have the last few years of Bullshit. I also don't fully believe that Mike has been getting screwed over either, he just doesn't look like the type of person who would put up with too much shit, could probably put the brothers in their place pretty damn quick, doesn't look like a guy I'd want to mess with.

    The rest I think is probably 95% accurate, and if anything what it really shows is that they are human too. Who would have known???

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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    here's my take on the sammy chapters;

    i think ray danniels did turn the brothers against sammy.
    there seemed to be alot of miscommunication. i actually see where ed and al think sammy's cheating them about the cabo catina.
    ed seems to be in alchol induced fog. leaving al to take the reins. al seemed to want ray, probably beause of the relationship with ray's sister.
    i disagree about mike if he had more of a backbone he'd probably retire from the biz.
    i think after ed sobberd up he took control of the band. al was having martial problems.
    then ray decided to combine his two interests after extreme brokeup. ray seemed to be stealing from promoters rather than the band( although getting royalities from the dave era is criminal). it will be interesting to see who vh gets to manage them.



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