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    All right, this is nothing huge or important, just stuff I've found amusing to pass along to you guys. My buddy here at school was telling me he was talking to his twelve year old sister and she told him her dance class was doing a dance to "You Really Got Me" I thought that was great, maybe there's hope for the younger generation after all. Finally, my friends and I were checking out Audio Galaxy and we came across this: Van Halen feat Axel Rose-5150 (live). We promptly downloaded it and found it was neither, my roommate offered the theory it was 5150, the tribute band. That seems plausible. The singer sounded nothing like Axel, Sammy, Dave or Gary and the music was note for note off the album, which our boys don't really do live. Plus it just wasn't as tight as VH is. That's all. Just some funny tales for you guys.

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    Do you still have it? I can tell you if it's 5150, the tribute band. I love those guys almost as much as I love Van Halen.

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