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    01.17.07 @ 03:57 PM
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    Default One thing I don't get about Van Hagar sheep

    So, all the sheep have been telling us for 20 years that as long as its got Eddie and Alex in 'It's Van Halen'. Hagar or Cherone on vocals, 'It's still Van Halen, it's got Eddie and Alex in'. According to them for the last 20 years it doesn't have to have DLR in to be VH.

    Yet, now there's a (minutely) possible reunion with Dave maybe minus MA. Don't get me wrong, I'm no fan of a reunion without The Bass Player but how can they have accepted 'VH' for 20+ years minus one of the integral parts of the engine yet now they cry blue murder over what is, relatively speaking, changing the colour of the fluffy dice hanging from the rear view mirror?

    They gave shit to all us 'Dave or Gravers' for 20 years yet all of a sudden it's 'Mike or I'm Taking A Hike'.

    This is, I contend, rank hypocrisy and clear evidence that the average IQ of a Van Hagar sheep is so low as to border on the mentally retarded.

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    07.13.18 @ 01:41 PM
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    There are a lot of things you guys 'don't get'.

    Sammy did the impossible. He made Van Halen better. Deal with it.
    Michael did the impossible. He made Van Halen better. Deal with it.
    IAMA I am a stage hand for big mainstream artists. (self.IAmA)

    Q: who was the biggest douche that you have worked with?

    A: Eddie Van Halen hands down he threatened all the stage hands that if we wernt all pushed to the side when he got off stage that he would "bash our faces in"

    Now the new David-Lee-Roth-Van Halen album, “Tokyo Dome In Concert,” is available for purchase, and it’s super, super, super, super, super, super, crazy bad. - Doug Elfman

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    07.15.18 @ 03:14 PM
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