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Thread: Job Advice

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    Default Job Advice

    My girlfriend is not happy with her job. She is WAY underpaid for the degrees she has and she's looking to get out. She's currently an admissions counselor for a college here in the Philadelphia area. She has a degree in Higher Education (she could go back to teaching if she wanted to, but she's not certified in this state.) So, she had a phone interview with this university. They want her to take a day off of work, that may or may not be paid for and come down for a full day interview, including my girlfriend giving a powerpoint presentation on why she should work there. Does this seem a little extreme? She'll be gaining only about $7K more a year. What do you think?
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    It's a competitive market. Sounds like a legitamite scenario. If she takes a day off work and risks no pay to go to an interview shows a lot of interest on her part. That and the fact that they want a Power Point preso will probably weed out a lot of candidates that aren't serious inquiries or qualified. 7K may be a small figure at first for a pay increase but weigh that in with any long term benefits... what will she gain a year, 2 years down the road. Also will she be better suited in that job and happier?
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    I worked at a Community College for many years and that is exactly how we did our interviews. I was on the interviewing committee and we would have the interviewee fly in and spend a whole day going around with us giving them different scenarios and asking what they thought they would do to better the College. I really enjoyed the process, but I was on the hiring end of it too. Sounds ligit to me.
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