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    03.29.15 @ 05:33 PM
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    Go to and search for artist "Van Halen" tour dates.Now it will come up with no dates now being shown on the books but will give you a registration prompt(no charge of course) to be notified when VH announces tour dates.
    Now speaking from experience here,pollstar posts dates way the fuck in advance,possible/probably before ANY announcements are made on behalf of VH/ with Dave.
    As soon as even one date and venue is set,promoters have pollstar post it for ticket buyouts with radio stations and such.
    I have seen concert dates posted for BIG bands posted well before any tour schedule was ever announced on their behalf.
    Pearl Jam,Ozzfest,Metallica etc.etc.
    Just a heads up that might give us a day or two jump on any "announcement"

    "I Got Myself a Brand New Oakland Scarf right here I say"

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    Cool....thanks for the tip!

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    I've been waiting on that e-mail from pollstar for months now. Almost forgot about it until I read this. But it is a good heads up to keep in mind. Maybe even check Amazon for new releases too and get an e-mail when new VH release date is announced.



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