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    07.11.18 @ 01:13 PM
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    Default Van Halen To Tour Next Summer

    G4's TheFeed reports that Eddie Van Halen's spokesperson Janie Liszewski has revealed that VAN HALEN is currently writing and rehearsing for a summer 2007 tour. In addition, Liszewski has confirmed that Eddie's son Wolfgang has officially been named the new bassist in the band.

    "Yes, I can confirm this story in the respect of Wolfgang being the new bass player for the band and yes he has been in the studio with his dad and uncle rehearsing and writing for an upcoming summer 2007 tour," Liszewski exclusively told TheFeed about the article that was first posted on last week. "Wolfgang most certainly has inherited the Van Halen musical genius gene. At 15 years of age his knowledge, understanding, skill, and command of multiple instruments is impressive."

    When asked about the rumor that the VAN HALEN boys will enlist original VH singer David Lee Roth into the fold for this tour, Liszewski said, "There has been no confirmation that David Lee Roth will be touring this coming summer."

    Liszewski also confirmed what Eddie announced on "The Howard Stern Show" in September that Michael Anthony is definitely no longer in VAN HALEN.

    I'm sorry, but I just can't get myself too get excited about even if Dave is in the band : (
    I can't remember which comedian said it, about the current state of Van Halen, but he said right now, Van Halen is like a really hot playboy playmate with a prosthetic leg.


    I can't even have an opinion on ANYTHING anymore unless it's exactly what everyone else thinks...oh and if I do it means I HATE this album, and hope it fails. Man some of you can fuck off...seriously. - BRETT

    "You make music for people. Otherwise, just play in your closet. And how do you reach the most people? By giving them the band that they know. To do it any other way would be selfish. - EVH, June 19, 2015 Billboard Magazine

    "That's a load of crap. The fans know Michael Anthony." - Me, regarding the above quote from EVH, June 19, 2015

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    Another person who refuses to use the search function. Maybe this will help:
    "I respect that youre passionate about this but what your saying is complete idiocy..." - MF5150 on McDonald's "preying" on young kids.

    "He was born a human, he's a horse's ass by proxy." - It's Mike on Eddymon.

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    Guys there are a bunch of threads on this already. Please start looking at current threads before posting new ones with the same info.

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