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Thread: Gotta vent

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    12.17.10 @ 10:56 AM
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    Default Gotta vent

    I'm just sitting here reading all these rumors, speculations, threads on Got Mikey? and Wolfie's the new bassist and I just can't believe it. I don't know how to feel about my absolute favorite band on the planet right now. Since I was 10 years old and heard the opening horn on VH1, I haven't been the same. I started playing guitar at 15 just to be like EVH. I own five wolfgangs, 2 EBMM EVH, 1 5150 half stack and a 5150 combo. I am an EVH freak. But I am now sitting here in disgust at his actions as of late. I understand that bands break up. They are like a family, what I can't understand is how you would go and get back with your ex-wife a la DLR and think about having the magic that once brought you to fame. There was a reason that they broke up or he left or whatever happened. I saw them with roth and was amazed at the scene but did not like the antics that roth brought. Then Sammy came in and made that band a family again. Maybe not as heavy or as hard as they were but they were a band again. I am a big fan of both era's but favor the Hagar years for many reasons that some will and some will not understand. Now they're back with roth and wolfie on bass. That just doesn't sit right with me and I feel guillty about it. My musical idol has fallen in my mind and I'm having a big problem with that. Does anyone else feel this way. This site is the coolest thing around because we are the only ones who understand each other about a band that has been a huge part of our lives. Anyone else ?

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    10.08.15 @ 11:37 AM
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    I'm with you, but most of these or all of these rumors are just that rumors. Don't go off the deep end, until there is a song/tour/ or real announcement from the band.
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