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    This is from the roth army website forums..He calls himself The Guy..
    Thanks to Bono Vox for the link....................

    If it is true sounds cool................

    Several months ago there was contact between the camps. First Dave called Alex before his firing from his radio gig and they talked about possibly working together as Van Halen again. Alex told Dave that he wasn't sure exactly what Ed wanted to do right now and that he (Ed)was working on a few little things on his own.

    After Dave was let go, Alex and Eddie called Dave to shoot the shit and see what was going on. Alex and Eddie were upset about Mike's involvement with Sammy on the summer tour and that they didn't really want Mike a part of the project if they did go ahead with it with Dave. Dave told them that he would do it without Mike but would prefer that he was involved.
    Dave told the brothers that he was going to do some shows as well during the summer and wouldn't be freed up until the later part of fall.
    This was fine with Eddie due to his things he had going on, (which we have since found out was the adult film work).

    About a month ago the sides met face to face and had a sit down (no Mike). Eddie told Dave that his son Wolfgang was ripping on some serious bass now and he wanted to use him during the sessions later when they finally go into the studio. Dave was cool to that but he has some serious concerns over vocal arrangements, but they will cross those paths when they come it seems. Maybe do some songs without much of a chorus or bring in a female background vocalist on some songs.

    They want to do a full length album, something that WB is pushing very hard for. They also though want to hit the road next summer and know that it would take some quick work to get an album done first. Eddie really does have alot of material and alot of it is not raw. So maybe that could happen fast.

    It was left that they would stay in touch over the next several weeks and that Eddie and Alex would continue what they are doing in the studio and during tour breaks Dave would come in and they would colaborate on some lyrics and see what they have.

    Things are looking real good for all those long suffering Van Halen fans who have been waiting for over twenty years for this news.

    Things will become clear before you head over the river and through the woods to grandma's house for Thanksgiving turkey.

    Its gonna be big, damn big. Something rock and roll hasn't scene in a long long time.

    First off I want to say "what a fucking party Eddie can throw".

    That being said, I talked to Ed shortly after he ripped through some classic VH material on Saturday Night and I asked him if he is still going to be working with Dave soon.
    He said "I will be working with Dave."

    Now as far as the party goes, this was not the same Eddie that we saw on the last tour with Sammy. This is a happy and content Eddie. The Eddie who was always smiling and trying to make everybody happy.
    I am glad he is back.

    Not sure about a tour with Aerosmith and GnR.
    A tour is likely though of some sort in 2007.

    Yes they are talking, (and more)

    I told you all awhile back.
    I would not rule out Mike being involved either.

    We still may get something new from them, like a song for an upcoming movie. Stay tuned.

    I have heard from a friend, not confirmed yet. That Eddie was approached by Sly Stallone to do a song for the upcoming Rocky Balboa Soundtrack, maybe it will involve Dave.
    I have a couple calls out to see if this was true or not.

    But on the reunion with Dave front, here is what I can say right now.
    Things are looking real good as of now. From what I have heard its pretty much a done deal and the official announcement could come in short time. It looks like it could start as early as March, which would make me think that Mike will be involved since Wolfgang would still be in school. Still have yet recieve any word regarding Mike though.

    Originally posted by diamondsgirl
    any idea what the significance of the date April 17, 2007 is?

    The scheduled release date of something new from Van Halen, thats all I know right now.

    Nobody is telling me yes or no about the Rocky Soundtrack, I'll stay on it though.

    On the Rocky Balboa soundtrack, the answer is no. Ed was never approached by Stallone and nor will there be anything from Ed on the soundtrack. This came directly from Ed himself.

    On reunion with Dave, things are still going strong and very positive. Eddie is very excited about this and is hoping to make it official very soon. Perhaps not too far after Dave's tour wraps up in a week, but we'll see.
    Don't hold me onto the Thanksgiving date, we all know this is Van Halen, but it won't be too far from that on either side.

    On Mike being involved, as he stated before the door is open for Mike. Its up to him, does he want to continue as a member of Van Halen or does he want to play with Sammy. Sam by the way is not a member of Van Halen anymore, someday it will be official on If Mike does not want to do it, then it looks like Wolfie will play a part and/or someone else too.
    Eddie no longer has bad feeling toward Mike for his gigs with Sam, he still doesn't like how they labeled it as the "Other Half" though.

    Ed has cut his drinking way down, his playing in the studio is top notch Eddie and he has been blistering through the old stuff note for note and dead on with Al and Wolfie.

    That all I know right now.
    ITS 5150 TIME

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    welcome to September...
    "is this a good show tonight, or fuckin' what?" - DLR, Montreal, 11/10/07

    Toronto 10/7...Cleveland 10/10...Toronto 10/12...Montreal 11/10

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    I like it, I like it. Sounds alot more positive than anything I've heard about VH in a long time. They are talking and getting along. The door is open to Mike. Ed is happy and not drinking too much. Sounds like this may happen!

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    Do people look around before posting a new thread?
    "Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack. -- Gen. George S. Patton

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    Quote Originally Posted by voivod View Post
    Do people look around before posting a new thread?
    I used to jog but the ice cubes kept falling out of my glass.

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    Dammit, I'm just gonna start deleting new reunion/HOF threads. PLEASE look around before posting.



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