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    Default Arnold Palmer retires from competitive golf

    SPRING, Texas (AP) - Arnold Palmer tearfully said it was time to stop playing competitive golf after withdrawing from a Champions Tour event early in the first round.

    The 77-year-old Palmer hit two balls into the water on the fourth hole Friday, then said he was withdrawing because of a sore lower back. He continued playing with his threesome of Lee Trevino and John Mahaffey but didn't keep score the rest of the round.
    "I've been doing this for a long time and, first of all, to stand out there and not be able to make something happen is very traumatic in my mind," Palmer said. "The people, they all want to see a good shot and you know it and you can't give them that good shot. That's when it's time."

    Palmer was making only his second appearance on the 50-and-over tour this season in the Administaff Small Business Classic. He remained with the group after withdrawing to entertain the gallery following him at Augusta Pines Golf Course.

    Palmer hit his second shot on the 440-yard, fourth hole into the water. He took a drop and again hit into the water before deciding to withdraw.

    The winner of seven major titles including four Masters, Palmer said he would play in some charity events "but now there are no more thoughts of tournament golf."

    Trevino sensed the end of an era and asked Palmer to sign his ball and a glove when they finished the round.

    "When he putted out I grabbed the ball and I had the Sharpie in my back pocket and then while he had the Sharpie, I said sign that glove too," Trevino said. "We didn't take his shoes."

    Palmer's eyes welled with tears as he went through interviews following the round with a large delegation of "Arnie's Army" huddled around.

    "I made every move in the bag today to make a good shot and I wasn't very successful," Palmer said. "That's not surprising. It just didn't come today. It's been working its way into my repertoire. It's tough and it's emotional for me because it's my life."

    Palmer joined the PGA Tour in 1955. He won the Canadian Open that year and in 1958 won the first of his Masters titles. He has not played regularly on the Champions Tour in several years. He won 62 PGA Tour events and had 10 Champions Tour victories.

    Trevino knew early in the round that Palmer was having trouble playing.

    "After the third hole he was ready to throw it in," Trevino said. "I said, 'I'll get a cart, you don't have to play.' He said 'No I can't go. I can't leave, but please don't put a score down."'

    Palmer said he finished the round because he owed it to his fans, a trait that followed Palmer throughout his Hall of Fame career.

    "My toenails were aching," Palmer said. "I took a bunch of pills and I made it and I feel fine now. I'm still aching. I'm glad I did the 18 holes. I sat down a couple of times and I wasn't sure I'd get back up."

    Palmer said he would spend more time with his other business pursuits.

    "It isn't that I'm not busy," Palmer said. "I've got a lot to do. I'm going to concentrate on building golf courses now and really spend a lot of time doing that. I've got quite a few on the books ready to go. That's going to be my next major passion."
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    a true pioneer of the game... god bless him long live arnie's army

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    Gotta be honest, I didn't think the guy had swung a club in decades.
    VH with Dave ('78-'84) - The best years....the "real" VH.
    VH with Sam ('86-'96) - Incredible era....."We have renamed this town 'New Halen!'.
    VH with Gary ('98) - Fucking disaster. WTF was that??
    VH with Wolf/Dave ('12-'15) - Amazing comeback. Smokin' album and tours.



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