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    03.05.12 @ 03:31 PM
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    Anyone up for a pre-party at the Nugget?

    I have some friends(not all of them actually going to the concert) who are going to meet up at Trader Dicks inside the Nugget to throw a few(or a lot more as this group is known to do) back before seeing Diamond Dave's show. If you're interested drop me line or just chime in to this thread. All are welcome and we usually have a pretty good time over there. It also coincides with a good friend's birthday so the birthday boy will be taking shots as donations to the liver replacement fund! Coincidently, Jack IS his drink of choice. See ya all real soon!
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    12.01.18 @ 09:12 AM
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    I'll be around there but my daughter's going with me and she's not exactly legal for any alcohol activities. Not sure if I wanna expose her to all of that even tho she is 20 already.

    She's my daughter!!!
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