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    Default Boston 73-75 Demos

    Pretty rare stuff. Some tracks sound different and have different lyrics and names. A few were never released at all. Sound Quality varies,but keep in mind these are demos and a interesting listening experience.

    Mothers Milk demos 1973
    Love (Dont be afraid)
    Help me to forget (Shattered Images) - Never released
    San Francisco Bay (Hitch a ride)
    Shakin (Smokin)
    She's a looker/Talkin to the wall - Never released

    Boston - Epic Records demos 1974/75
    Rock and roll band
    Life isn't easy (Something about you)
    More than a feeling
    Don't be afraid
    Peace of mind
    San francisco day (Hitch a ride)
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    Cool stuff... Thanks! I've always been a huge fan of Boston (except for that last "Corporate America" album.) As a songwriter, it's always cool to hear the early beginnings of great songs.

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