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Thread: C'mon people

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    01.14.19 @ 10:12 AM
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    Does anyone believe?

    Believe Mike was setting up a smokescreen?

    Believe that there was inner turmoil?

    Believe that they have only completed 6 songs in 14 months? (when they used to record an album in a few weeks).

    It has been posted before about the band setting up a Huge PR event and spreading the "little white lies".

    Sooner does seem more likely than later regarding getting new VH music.

    If it is not until fall, I hope that they at least can do a tune for a movie to at least hold us until then.


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    10.09.12 @ 02:50 PM
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    Believe it will happen, yes.


    Yes, lots.

    Yes. The only time they recorded albums in a couple of weeks was when they already had a lot of material from their club days and were a hungry young band. Now they are middle aged millionaires who have hated each other (DLR and the VH bros) for 15 years. There's a lot more tyo it than cranking out 30 mimnutes of music

    The sooner than later theory could be true, who knows? But it's based entirely on wishful thinking and internet rumours. The Fall/summer theory is based on Mike, Dweezil and to some extent Brad Starks. If I was forced to bet money I'd have to go with a band member.

    I think the conspiracy theories are just that - there is no great PR plan about to be unleashed to 'surprise' us. They are simply taking a long time to record an album and don't want to go public until they have something concrete to show/say.

    I do find it rather odd that Mike would quite freely give out the info after all this silence. Though going back 18 months, the Cherone press release did also say they wre continuing to work on an album - so in that sense it's nothing new.

    Dweezil mentioning counselling of all things is a little bizarre too.ˇ



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