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    Default van halen rake it and rock it

    Rake It and Rock It

    Format: Compact Disc

    Label: (Unknown, the logo is a rhino) RHP-567

    Source: Tracks 1-7 San Francisco, Bammies, March 5, 1994
    Tracks 8-11 San Francisco, Bridge Benefit, Nov. 6, 1993

    High Hopes 5:53
    Founding Love Again 5:26
    Feel Like Bugs 4:05
    Goin' Down 4:57
    Red 4:21
    One Way to Rock 5:59
    Down By The River 18:27
    The Love 4:30
    Love Walks In 4:43
    Right Now 7:07
    Best Of Both Worlds 6:01

    Total Time - 71:29

    "High Hopes" starts on the second stanza of the first verse.
    "Founding Love Again" is really "I'll Fall In Love Again".
    "Feel Like Bugs" is really "Three Lock Box".
    "Goin' Down" is a cover of the old Freddy King song, written by Don Nix. This tune has also been covered by Jeff Beck.
    "Down By The River" features Neil Young.
    Eddie plays "Spanish Fly" before "Best Of Both Worlds".
    The side of the disc says: "Van Halen feat. Neil Young" while the front cover says: "Neil Young & Sammy Hagar & Eddie Van Halen"
    Tracks 1-7 is really Tres Gusanos and Tracks 8-11 is Ed and Sammy unplugged!.
    Sound quality is Excellent for tracks 1-7 and a little less excellent for tracks 8-11.
    There is a picture of Ed and Neil playing together in the booklet, but they really never play together on any songs on this disc.
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    so for sure neil did not play with eddie or sam? that is a shame....

    that would've been the shit man

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    Thanks, Voivod! Can't wait to check this one out...

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