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    12.08.18 @ 05:46 AM
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    Default Peavey Wolfgang - what could have been...

    I stumbled on this site on the Internet... interesting reading. The entire site is dedicated to Peavey Wolfgang and Peavey HP Special guitars.

    Two things I found interesting were the hollow body prototypes and the interview with a Peavey employee.

    What I would have given for a Peavey Wolfgang hollow body - way cool!

    Sorry if this is old.
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    11.06.18 @ 11:48 AM
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    Thanks for the read.

    In my younger days (1998) I worked music retail and went to Peavey Dealer Training. Hartley Peavey had lost his wife two weeks earlier. I will say he is a very respectable, stand up guy and he is for real.

    On that same trip, James Brown (amp tech) was teaching us about the classic series amp line when EVH called in (he was at rehearsals for the III tour, I think) and couldn't get a footswitch to work. When James Brown went
    to get the phone, he sighed, cowered down, and excused himself from the class for about three hours. I was in "denial Eddie" phase (he could do no wrong), but I remember James Brown looked beaten down from Eddie's calls.

    Anyway, I guess if you really wanted to, you could grab a Special or something and mod it out to fit a 5-way or whatever you wanted.

    Ernie Ball makes what I would consider to be the closest thing to "what could have been" in their Axis line.
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