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    07.24.11 @ 04:36 PM
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    Default NICE LIGHT TOPIC: These Are the VH Songs that Do "it" For Me

    these are simply a list of the songs that if I were going to burn one CD of the songs that totally get me going. It has nothing to do with which songs are "most important" or "most influential" or whatever. These are just "my" tunes. Anyone out there with me? Anyone think I'm waaaaay off? I don't want to get into any quasi-heady BS...I just want to tell you guys what my favourite tunes are!

    In Order:

    I'm the One
    Atomic Punk
    Feel Your Love
    You're No Good
    Dance the Night Away (still gets matter how many times I hear it!)
    Somebody Get Me a Doctor
    Bottom's Up
    Outta Love Again
    Light Up the Sky
    Women in Love
    Beautiful Girls
    And the Cradle Will Rock
    Everybody Wants Some
    Romeo Delight
    Could This Be Magic (Edward...Thank You!...gets me every time!)
    In A Simple Rhyme (some people might think it's a throwaway but not me)
    Mean Street
    Dirty Movies
    Sinner's Swing
    Hear About it Later
    Push Comes to Shove
    So This is Love
    Sunday Afternoon in the Park
    One Foot Out the Door
    Where Have All the Good Times Gone
    Cathedral (it's just gorgeous)
    Top Jimmy (among their finest moments)
    Drop Dead Legs (ditto)
    Hot For Teacher (c'mon? it's Hot For Teacher!!)
    I'll Wait
    Why Can't This Be Love (one of their FINEST MOMENTS)
    Love Walks In
    Black and Blue (i'm not sure if this is the token OU812 representative)
    Poundcake (that intro with the drill and the driving bass still gets me going!)
    Judgement Day
    Pleasure Dome (as far as I'm concerned this is their "Achilles Last Stand")
    Man On A Mission
    The Dream is Over
    Right Now
    Top of the World
    (yep, almost every track on F.U.C.K. does it for me. I despise Sammy, but this record is freaking AWESOME. When I first read it, I was amazed when Ed told Billy Corgan that this record was his least inspired and that he felt his playing and creativity had hit a wall. I myself thought this was his best overwall work since Fair Warning.)
    Can't Stop Loving You
    Don't Tell Me What Love Can Do (this song does a LOT to make me want to respect Sammy)
    Humans Being (this is as good as it gets...period)
    Can't Get This Stuff No More
    Me Wise Magic
    Without You
    From Afar
    Year to the Day {I was unfulfilled in the way it was performed live,(i felt that a guitar solo was unnecessary at this point and completely out of place within this song...ANY other song could have been chosen to frame the requisite solo) but regardless, this may very well be their FINEST moment)
    How Many Say I (yep...I'm sure this is many of your LEAST favourite tunes, but Gary hits a homerun here...)

    That's it...I'd love to hear some of your "essential" lists...but only as long as they are "essential" to from your judgements on what the rest of humanity "should" hear or what you think the rest of us should think is the "real" van halen. Simply, what are YOUR favourite tunes...and let's try not to get into a dave vs. sammy vs. gary thing...

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    10.11.18 @ 12:51 PM
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    It might have been easier if you told us what songs DON'T do it for you. haha

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    Atomic Punk
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    07.24.11 @ 04:36 PM
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    yeah...the list did get out of hand on me! lol...

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    Feel Your Love Tonight
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    12.18.18 @ 03:31 AM
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    All of them pretty much except:

    Not Enough
    apolitical Blues
    Not a big fan of Dancing in the Street
    Pretty much all of 3, unfortunately.

    For whatever reason, I really can't stand Not Enough. Like most of us, I love Van Halen and listen to their tunes daily, but I guess unlike Dreams, Jump, and Right now, the piano part is just plain sappy in my opinion. I guess the song just doesn't do anything for me at all, from rockin' me out or touching me emotionally.

    Sorry, I know the topic wasn't about hating "Not Enough"

    Anyway, if I wanna get my adrenaline pumping and start rocking hard core, Panama, Unchained, Feel your Love Tonight, Jaime's Cryin, I'm the One, Somebody Get me a Doctor, Beautiful Girls, Mean Street, Little Guitars, Full Bug, 5150, AFU naturally wired, Black and Blue and Seventh Seal all suit me just fine!!



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