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Thread: FUCK

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    Atomic Punk
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    dirtland, usa
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    the classic 6 pack
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    hmmm...everybody wants some
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    03.21.18 @ 06:57 PM
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    the fuck is up with this band?

    i don't get it. my faith is in the shitter right now.

    i'm going on record as saying here on march 26, 2002, that van halen will never record and tour again.

    bye vh

    JMJ [img]graemlins/yell.gif[/img]
    "you can't change JMJ, it's legendary"- Brett Norton 9/24/07

    "It's the "JMJ" everyone had grown to love, man! Time to blow the roof off this place!"
    -Zachenfoot 2/23/10

    "The links just look a little better with JMJ. Always has, always will." -Hurricane Halen 2/24/10

    "I'm doin' the victory dance. Told ya I'd be back. Tell me ya missed me. Say it like ya mean it" - Blood and Fire. =VH= 2012. Welcome back boys :headband:

    "I don't give a flying fuck about Motley Crue. I give about a half a fuck about Rush. I like Van Halen and don't give a flying fuck how many tickets they all sell. Any questions?"- jimmyw

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    Romeo Delight
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    01.28.18 @ 12:02 PM
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    Yup, sounds like an opinion to me.

    Sending there now.
    Webmaster/Graphic Artist - Your Van Halen Internet Resource Guide



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