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    11.30.16 @ 02:56 PM
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    I've done some thinking.

    While I believe there isn't any hope for an ORIGINAL Van Halen reunion (w/of course DLR), I'd rather see them try for singer 4 than go with aging, clown dressing, Sammy Hagar.

    Hagar's time with VH is done. He did what he did and we got the albums that they did.

    To go back to that mediorce band (yes, Van Hagar was getting worse, not better, by 1995 IMO.) would not be good for VH or rock n roll in general.The majority response would be: "Who cares?"

    Maybe a fresh start is in order.

    If they can't find singer 4, then I say call it quits as "Van Halen" and Ed can go off into doing his own thing.

    But, for the love of great rock, do not bring back Sammy Hagar.

    Hagarites would of course disagree, but come on. Do we really wanna hear Sam write lyrics about being abducted by aliens and other stupid stuff? Not to mention Sam "allowing" Eddie to write crappy music for his shit-ass ideas as they did for "Not Enough", "Take Me Back", "Man on a Mission".

    Ed needs a singer (as DLR did) that tells him what is good and not good for what kind of music should be put on an album. Its not dictating, but as a band, suggestions are welcome. DLR was good at this. That is why we got more KICK ASS tunes with Classic VH than with Van Hagar.

    So, with that, I'm all for singer #4.

    Sammy can continue on with his Waboritas but keep him away from VH (Van Hagar: RIP 1986-1996)

    Thank you.

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    12.13.18 @ 05:30 PM
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    Great going to Opinions.

    VV you're very angry lately, lighten up man, it's just a dead band.
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