OK, so there is this forum that I moderate. It's a damn fine forum, and it opened in March. Well, we expected a huge outcome, as it was a spin-off forum (meaning, like a TV show, is owned and moderated by the same team as the other, or featuring new people). It was supposed to be a huge success, because it's your average "anything goes" forum. It's an all off-topic forum, basically, with discussion about everything, everywhere. However, expectations were far too high, and the outcome has only been 54 members in 2 1/2 months, and sadly, 85% of them do not participate. It's a vBulletin board, so quite a bit of money is being put into it, and I for one don't want to see it die out because of no participation. It's a great forum, has a great owner, and an absolutely fantastic community, with a cool vBux option that you will learn more about when you register and great potential.

So, and I was never one for these "shameless plugs" but it is a fantastic site that I know many of you would enjoy. It's basically just a site for bullshittin' around and talking about anything. It's a site that, if the traffic builds, you all will enjoy it very much.

So sign up at www.talkedabout.com, and make sure that when it asks for the referrer, you put vhrocks2006