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    Default a new high now hitting local news media

    qtip1589 on Mon 08, May 2006 12:16
    This shit is awesome, I haven't done it yet but my best friend did and OMG he was fucked up. We were outside on my porch and he took one hit and was gone, he just started laughing non-stop, then he got up, stood there 4 a second then fell on his laughing agian. He said that the colors were so vivid. The reds were soo bright. If you havn't tried this shit yet u should. You can buy it at flea markets and it's 100% legal!!!

    thatoneguy on Sun 16, Apr 2006 10:55
    i tried salvia a few nights ago with one of my freinds,it is very bad tasting and very irratating to your lungs(even using regular leaves) i took a couple hits and i idnt feel much except a mild euphoria that peaked when i would walk around and y freind kept asking me questions an it made me ery confused and i just got really scared of him and i went and cowered in my bed and demanded him to stay away. i fell asleep and woke up late that night n i did it again, but this time i really tried to et it as deep as i could and tried to keep the flame on it( becuase it has to be very hot to realease the salvorin -a) and i took maybe four hits. then i layed down and closed my eyesand i saw a purple wavything with like five purple lines.
    and the waves flowed from left to right , and i felt a strong pulling from left to, right , and i remeber thinking i was going to fall off of my bed, but as the music that the waves were moving in sync to subsided so did my hallucination (if thats what u want to call it) than ove the next ten minutes i had a mild euphoria

    next time i might try a butane torch lighter to better relaese the salvorin-A and i might try a fortified or "x" leafinstead of natural ones.
    maybe a 5X

    ugly drew on Fri 07, Apr 2006 08:24
    ok i smoke good weed all the time and my friend that i can never get to smoke weed, only because its illegal, calls me up and tells me to come over and try this salvia shit. so i try it and it got me a little buzzed. i mean i could drive fine fifteen minutes after the hit. but the first few minutes were really intense. So i've tried the shit (all diff kinds claiming to be the most potent) and you guys are a bunch of idiots for sayin it makes u do all this stupid shit cuz its not nearly as good as my hindu hash. why don't u rookies get a day job.

    lunch>box on Mon 27, Mar 2006 22:28
    that must of been the best highn that i got of of one hit for the first time >it was awsome

    lost on Mon 30, Jan 2006 14:46
    i can only tell you what i felt on not a baby with mind altering shit but i dident belive it was going to do what it did.when i made it back to this reality i never felt more thankful in all my life. i tried the shit that was 140mg. word to those curious dont forget at any time that its just a drug let it do its thing on you.

    herbsman420 on Mon 16, Jan 2006 01:39
    mmman the first time i tried it i was standing across the room from myself watching the house walls fall in on me............INNNNTENNSE STUFF. i'm thinkin imma stick to that good bud for now...that shits a little to intense sometiems

    psychopath69! on Wed 21, Dec 2005 03:11
    "bada, ba, ba, baaa. I love salvia!!!!!"

    mmmmmm...mmm....mmmmmm...............salvia.... .mmmmmmm..mmmm..... . . . . .

    psychopath69! on Wed 21, Dec 2005 03:04
    the first time i tried salvia,(it was i think 10x), i was at a friends house,(we used to trip off shrooms all the time), he introduced me to it, it was sweet, & fuckin scary at the same time, when we smoked it we were playing videogames and the game froze and i was actually inside the game, then i popped back out & told him i was gonna roll home but he was a goose so he didnt say anything, so on my way down the street i heard cop sirens so i jetted back to my homiez place & told him i was bein chaced by the cops so i was gonna hide under his bed upstairs. so i went & hid, & about 5 min later i heared a knock on the was the cops. they broke down the door & found me & started shooting me(it was cool, the bullets were goin right through me, & it didn't hurt), then the cop cars that were chacing me started flying through the house like airplanes & going right through me just like the bullets(once again i felt nothing). a second later i was back sitting on the couch again, but this time i was playing myself in the videogame. i snapped out of it (finally), & was upstairs in his mom & dads room under the covers with his three cats. i was like "what the hell is goin on here?" he helped explain it to me the best he could (he was back to his former self now that it was over). then later i finally started remembering all that'd happened during my experience. straight up, i would say i was trippin at about a level 15.
    7 yes, yes i will try it again, & again, & again.
    "Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack.” -- Gen. George S. Patton

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    Mama said knock you out. I have seen this stuff in action. Gets you pretty screwed up if you drink to much or smoke the reffer with it.



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