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    Default Linkers Kids Playground

    OK. Let's try something fun. Alot of have kids that we're very proud of. They do amazing things everyday, right. Whether it's the first steps, piano recital, first strum of a guitar...etc... you get the point.

    Let's make a place here where we can share these moments with each other.

    I'll start... This is my son. He will turn 3 in a few months. It may be a little early, but here he is hitting baseballs from both sides of the plate!
    A little more volume in the headphones please.

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    No kids, but here's my cat, my niece and my dog. That's the best I can do.

    The Kids
    "Viking - last to sleep, first to rise, last to leave, that's how the Nords of old rocked the house." ~ timmac in the 'Texas Linkers' thread talking about yours truly. :-)



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