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    Romeo Delight
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    08.18.07 @ 10:38 PM
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    Didn't Eddie have a small unbilled cameo in the ultra-violent futuristic gore-fest, yet subtly family oriented film, RoboCop? He played a wacked out vagrant who was interviewed about Robocop.

    I thought his performance was hard, edgy and loud while being poignant at the same time. Just like his guitar playing! I thought he deserved an Oscar for his emotionaly charged 10 second performamce. He was robbed a best actor award by Michael Douglas in "Wall Street."

    Does anyone else remember this moving performance? Or was I high again?
    When you hear a song, it can make you remember what you felt, where you were and who you were with the first time you heard it. That's what music can do.<br /><br />When I get into you, get into me...

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    12.11.17 @ 03:59 PM
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    I always thought that guy was Eddie too but I never saw him listed in the closing credits [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img]



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