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Thread: Booking bands

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    02.09.16 @ 02:21 PM
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    Booking bands

    Does anyone here have a job as a concert promoter or book bands for anyone, or just have any knowledge about this? A friend of mine and I were thinking about trying to do this and start bringing in bands to our area and we're just not real sure where to start.

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    12.20.07 @ 04:39 PM
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    Are you talking about booking for bands or promoting for clubs?

    If you're looking to work with individual bands.....

    The first things you need to do is to find a band who's willing to let you represent them to clubs. One band is all you need. Your best bet is to find a relativly new act. The established bands will already have a good relationship with club owners one on one thus, not need your help...yet. Oh, and make sure they're good. the last thing you want to do is attach your name to a shitty band. A reputation for promoting shitty bands isn't a stain that goes away easily.

    Once you have a band start shopping around for clubs where you can get them booked. Designate one person as the point of contact. Owners and booking agents like to go through as few people as possible. It will also help you build a more personal relationship with them over time. Be professional and courteous. Have a promo kit ready to go. (A CD, picture, and if available, any reviews from local papers).

    Once you get a show booked, start figuring out way's to get people in the door. Flyers and posters are tried and true methods but the more creative you get with promotion the better. Call up local radio stations and see if the have a local band calander you can get the word out on. Get some advertising space in local music and college newspapers. The key is to get as many people in the door as possible through whatever means necessary. Get creative with this.

    Never let on that you are new at this. Act as if you've been doing it for years and sell yourself. It's all about appearances. Make sure you know how to talk. You need to be the guy's who can sit down and talk to anyone in that bar or club and make them feel comfortable. The guy who you just met but feel like he's your best friend. You need to let the owners know that you have band that you can get people in the door and up to the bar. They want as many people buying as much booze as possible. Thats it. If you can give them that, they don't care if the band throws shit at eachother for 20 minuites.

    This kind of thing takes time and can be frustrating at times. You better like it becuase it dosen't pay particularly well but it can be really rewarding also.

    Good luck,
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    05.31.14 @ 07:17 PM
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    Be prepaired to make almost no money and have headaches meds on hand in bulk.

    I don't know what it's called today but there is a book put out every year called either the Rock Bible or the Entertainment Bible. It lists every artist, their management and their basic price w/terms. The Bible also lists every record company, RC promotions department+ contacts therein as well as radio stations and their promotions/sales dept contact numbers. It also lists ever venue in the world (I think) or at least every place in the U.S. where concerts are allowed, this includes seat numbers and hall-rental fee's and terms.

    This book is around $300 to $500 (maybe less, maybe more. the one I saw was back in 1981).

    You need to be a cross between a gameshow host and a Pit Bull, Sharon Osborne comes to mind, someone who can be ripping the flesh of some dude one second and then play patty-cake the next.

    Say what you mean and mean what you say. Never make a threat that you don't back up, even if it puts you in jail. Don't be an asshole but don't come across as someone who can be fucked IN the asshole either.

    A good promoter is a used-car salesman on crack.

    You should have a good lawyer.

    You'll need a good bank who'll loan you money.

    Beyond that, anyone can actually do this. The competition is cut-throat and you will be lucky to see any profit. Successful promoters are successful through volume (Number of shows put on).

    You'll make as much money at a small venue as you will at a convention center or a football stadium.

    I hada friend who worked for Avalon Productions in Los Angeles, CA, back in the early 1980s. His claim to fame was he ran the David Bowie sell-outs at the LA Forum. He actually slept in his office on those nights because the cash receipts were in his desk drawer - over $2 million in cash. He also helped with the US Festival, he tried to get me on as a roadie but the company that was doing the stage production was only hiring people that they knew. Anyway, that $2 million dollars went to Bowie, Avalon netted around $1,500 bucks.

    So, you should be doing it to put on shows, not to get rich.
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