Heeeeeeellllllllooooooo baby !,

I picked up a copy of FHM yesterday (In England, cos that's where I am); the one with the 100 Sexiest Girls in it, and there's a one page article on Ed ! It basically has the pictures from fark.com - where people took the picture from Elton John's party and made Ed look like he was in the Wizard of Oz, Homeless, etc.

It talks about how in 1988 (a coupla years late there methinks) Eddie was the coolest person on the planet and now look at him ! Booze + drugs + the greatest guitarist since Hendrix = EVH (or something like that).

I'm sure someone round here could scan it to show y'all. I'm technically retarded so it ain't gonna be me !

Anyway, have a great weekend, don't do anything I would !