British judges are notoriously eccentric but this guy just about has to be my favourite ofthe bunch.
Mr Justice Peter Smith who was the presiding judge in the Dan Brown "Da Vinci code" plagiarism trial with the authors of "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" actually put a secret code into his final judgement papers.
Every so often, over the first 18 pages, there are what look like typeface errors where individual and random letters have been italicised.
He has been asked about it and admitted that there is indeed a code hidden there. The first letters, in normal word order,spell out "smithy code".
After that, the letters appear seemingly in a random order.
God knows what they spell, but he says that you need to haveread both books to find the key.
If you're interested, the bbc website has the article and a full transcript.

The judgement is in pdf on the right site of the page.
Have fun.