I say it is a EVH EBMM, but this is what it is.

I bought all the parts for this guitar over the last few years to build my dream guitar. Well I want a new truck and I don't even know how to play guitar.

The parts I am selling are as follows:
1.Pickups out of a early 90s EVH EBMM.
2.Red quilted maple EVH EBMM body. Does have some dings and it has been routed out to fit a EVH Peavey Wolfgang neck, but it a EVH EBMM original.
3.Neck plat from a EBMM Axis. Not a neck plat from a EVH model, but it is pretty much the samething. And it is original EBMM.
4.Original Music Man trem bridge with wammy bar.
5.Maple neck from a american EVH Peavey Wolfgang Special.
6.Guitar case that came with a EVH EBMM.

All parts are original EBMM. The neck is a original Peavey Wolfgang neck. If you have a EVH project that you want to finish or want a really cool and rare EVH guitar this is your chance. I can't even tell you how long or how much money I have invested collecting this stuff. Could be someones all in one shot. eed to sell. Make offers.