April 2, 2004

The blues aren't the only thing callin' Dr. Frasier Crane! Over the years, one especially clever and always amusing portion of the series has been the good doctor's radio show therapy sessions, and the special guest stars who would phone in with an assortment of neuroses!

Take a trip down therapy-lane as we remember some of the best calls that stumped even the quick-witted Frasier!

During the 1993/1994 season ...

ELIJAH WOOD phoned in as troubled youth "Ethan," who was being beat up at school and wasn't impressed by Frasier's "simplistic" advice! Rocker EDDIE VAN HALEN called in as "Hank," who had a problem with a neighbor, but Frasier never heard what the issue was, cause Hank kept trying to listen to himself on the radio! MEL BROOKS dialed in as "Tom" with a real stumper -- he was traumatized by a dead puppy left for him by Santa Claus.