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    Default Twisted G: Gangsta Fag

    He'll steal your car and your anal virginity
    "This is the most fucking hilarious and disturbing shit I've ever heard. I'm honored to be part of what I believe will be huge. Long live Gangsta Fag!"
    - Joe Rogan (Fear Factor host)

    "Q&A Interview With Gangsta Fag"

    Q: Is it true that Twisted G is the world's first openly gay gangsta rapper?

    Twisted G: I'm not sure if I'm the mutha fucking first, nor do I give a fuck! But I'm definitely one of the very few. There are a lot of mainstream rappers that are in the closet fags. I am just one of the few that has the balls to be real about my shit!

    Q: And which rappers are in the closet?

    Twisted G: Sorry but that is top mutha fuckin secret gay information. Those niggas is in the closet by choice, and it is not my place to out their asses. Plus, if I did out them, I would be betraying the Gay Code and could face some really fuckin stiff penalties (lol).

    Q: Why are you so willing to come out of the closet?

    Twisted G: Cause I only know how to be me baby, Twisted G, the Gangsta Fag. My music is about my true lifestyle as a hardcore, 51-50, grimy street mutha fucka that just happens to be gay. I am proud of who and what I am. And I'm gonna be a mutha fuckin Gangsta Fag till the day that I die!

    Q: Where did you get the name Twisted G?

    Twisted G: Twisted G stands for a bunch of different shit. The "Twisted" stands for the opposite of straight, and also means demented, or sick! G stands for Gay, and Gangsta. This shit is starting to sound like I'm on mutha fuckin Sesame Street. "And C is for cookie(LOL)." Imagine my ass on Sesame Street, ha, ha! But anyway, I got the name from my thug niggas in Brooklyn, "East Medina in the mutha fuckin house!"

    Q: Is it true you use to rob and rape crack dealers?

    Twisted G: Those mutha fuckas had it coming, no pun intended. My parents threw me out on my ass when I was 16 - after catching another kid from down the block giving me head. They cursed me out, called me a dirty mutha fuckin faggot and I left with all my shit in a plastic bag. I was living on the streets of Brooklyn and did whatever the fuck I had to in order to survive.

    I started selling crack and then started robbing other crack dealers for their loot and drugs. Afterwards, I would make them get down on their knees and give me and my boys head. This humiliated these mutha fuckas to the highest mutha fuckin degree of humiliation! After that, they didn't want to retaliate or fuck with me again. Guess you could say "I left a bad taste in their mouths."

    Q: Is it true that you did prison time and have 2 strikes?

    Twisted G: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Mutha fucka but I don't like talking about that depressing shit. All you need to know is that the Po- Po, don't like the Ho-mo, so I had to go-go! So let's move Tthe fuck on!

    Q: Is it true Fear Factor Host Joe Rogan discovered you?

    Twisted G: He got hold of one of my cd and thought it was some of the most hilarious and disturbing shit he ever heard. He took it to O&A XM Satellite radio show and they played it for over 5-million listeners. It became an overnight phenomenon and Gangsta Fag developed a hardcore cult following. Now the rest of the world is just starting to find out about me.

    Q: Is it true that most of your fans are straight men?

    Twisted G: Yeah that shits very true. My music is for everybody. Straight people find it disturbing, repulsive, and incredibly fucking hilarious. They love the shock factor and that's cool too! But if you find yourself singing all the lyrics and dancing to it around the house all the time, than yeah, you are a mutha fuckin fag and that's cool too baby! I'm glad mutha fuckas get entertainment from my shit...regardless!

    Q: What is the main message that you want people to get from your music?

    Twisted G: If I want to send mutha fuckas a "message," I'll email them. I'm just expressing the pschotic, demented, rage, violence and lust that I deal with on a daily mutha fuckin basis. It's sort of like therapy. I'm like "Jason," with a baseball bat and a 10 inch cock, expressing himself on a CD instead of a movie. Sorry clean, wholesome message here! Just a bat upside ya head and a dick in ya mouth!

    Q: Who were your musical influences growing up?

    Twisted G: I grew up being inspired by a lot of people. Run D MC, Public Enemy, Stetsasonic, Whodini, Rakim, KIZZ, Mettalica, Aerosmith, Beethoven, just to name a few. I listened to anything and everything that moved me. I am still the same way till this very fuckin day.

    Q: Do You Have A Beef With Eminem?

    Twisted G: Nah, I wrote that track about him years ago when he was talking shit about gays. He's a talented mutha fucka. But in the rap game it's mandatory to talk shit about each other now and then. It's what rap was built on. But he's a cute White boy...I'd fuck him!

    What type of guys do you like?

    Twisted G: I'm whats called a Top. Meaning, I like to fuck guys - I don't like to get fucked. I'm a pitcher, not a catcher. I'minto hardcore, crazy ass mutha fuckas. But I also enjoy force-fucking straight guys that try to diss me or talk shit!
    "Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack. -- Gen. George S. Patton

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    Funny, I was watching a Mad TV skit just this morning on the same deal. A gay rapper.
    Dealing with it.



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