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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    Latest From My Warner Bros. Source:

    Van Halen are tentatively planning to hit the road next year with BOTH David Lee Roth AND Sammy Hagar. Everyone is obviously excited about this. Nothing will happen until 2001, when the money-grubbing, back-stabbing Ray Daniels is OFFICIALLY out of the picture.

    The idea orginally came from the squabbles the band was having with Dave with regards to the set-list- he was pretty adament on NOT singing anything but the tunes from his era...Sam has always been OPEN to the possibility of a SAM AND DAVE Tour (he knows a money maker when he sees one.)

    So now it looks like they will all hit the road together for a massive, stadium and arena world tour. A Box set will be released shortly thereafter, including live stuff and rare and unreleased material.

    Warner Bros. is drooling over the prospects of this tour, and RIGHT NOW, the band is hammering out the details with Sammy's people. There have indeed been many shenaningans going on behind the scenes, as the band members, especially Alex, seem to be getting a huge kick out of all of this (I guess this makes sense- no ammount of money can buy all this publicity) as they leak out tidbits, ineuendo, and chunks of gossip, some true, some not.

    Front runner for the opening act: You guessed it: Mr. Gary Cherone. It seems Edward and Gary are still very friendly, and Gary is working on his first solo album as we speak. This way, all three eras can be incorporated into this LAST HURRAH.

    My source also claims Edward really wants to go out with a bang to pay back the fans, but with his recent cancer scare, and Wolfie getting older, he seems to be leaning toward retiring the band after this epic tour. Of course, if you call it a FAREWELL tour, it's going to sell that much better. But my source thinks this is legit- Edward is ready to move on after next year, and you may not see the boys together again until they go to the Hall.

    So, I guess NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS. Keep the Faith, everyone. It looks like 2001 is going to be the year of Van Halen.

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    01.28.18 @ 01:02 PM
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    Hmmmmm, sounds like a rumor to me guys. Gonna sent it to the Rumor Mill.

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