The always entertaining Pink recently confessed that she need therapy as a teenager after her brother stole her lesbian lover. The singer says she's still pissed about the whole thing years later.

The "Most Girls" singer (aka Alecia Moore) told the London's Independent newspaper: "I had a girlfriend when I was 13 and she left me for my brother!"

"That kind of f**ked me up. We held hands and we kissed and that was my girlfriend, that's what you do when you're 13! And she left me for my f**king brother! It was bizarre and twisted and f****d up and gross."

She added that even though she recently married the hot as hell motocross racer Corey Hart, she hasn't been put off from girls. "I think women are beautiful, most of my friends are gay, and I've had my moments ..."

The "Don't Let Me Get Me" singer added that she is confident her marriage will work because, unlike other couples who get sick of each other, they are not always in each other's company: "We're never together long enough to fight."