Not trying to start an online war here but I was curious if anybody saw the "Dispatches" Channel four (UK) show bearing the above title. It documented what has happened to the billions that were allocated to various coalition authorities and subsequent private companies. The figures were absolutely staggering. (Unfortunately I busy working at the time and couldn't give it my fullest attention) Something in region of twenty billion gone missing, politically motivated appointments to key admin posts, massive overcharges for work (either incomplete or not even begun).... Halliburton was deemed to have overcharged some $170 million, yet has only had to pay back 9. It showed how the interim authorities were ordered to go on a spending spree prior to the handover of power so that the money would be "soaked up" and showed solid evidence ( invoice profit mark ups) of major fraud from "connected" war profiteers.
All ofthis was played to the backdrop of a video diary by an Iraqi doctor trying to save lives in a hospital reminiscent of the third world, considering it's equipment and availability of supplies. Ironic when you think that Iraq's hospital system was the envy of the region.
I was always dubious about the intent of various governments for this war and none of this was particularly new news, but to have it all laid out like this was shocking to say the least.
If this show is replayed in your regions I would really recommend it, if for nothing more than to see the extraordinary effects of "big business" (and small) getting involved in the higher echelons of government and the things that they are allowed to get away with as a result of this.